5 Websites To Go To For Offbeat And Funny News Stories


funny news storiesLet me add a few more adjectives like quirky, way-out, bizarre, weird, and definitely off-the-wall to the above headline; because, satirical websites are well deserving of all these qualifiers. Opening a newspaper on its frontpage is usually depressing these days. So is switching on the television where each “˜Breaking News’ breaks nothing but a calamity or a scandal.

But thankfully, funny news stories from around the world can also give us a few laughs. It may be unintentional in the way it happens, or it may be turned into humor thanks to satire. The free and open web perhaps has bit more space to convey the funny irony in some of the news that happens around the world.

The five websites mentioned below may be just enough to spark your sense of humor. Even if they don’t there are a lot many more funny news websites that help you break into a laugh. Just a note of warning: Some of the news items may not be suitable for below 18 audiences.


funny news stories

When it comes to collecting the best of the bizarre from around the world, this website heads the bookmarks. The site’s slogan – “It’s not news, it’s Fark,” says it all. Fark.com is basically a social aggregator of funny, interesting, and amusing stories submitted by a social network of news junkies who scour the web for news which grab eyeballs but not necessarily headlines.

Funny news stories like “˜the weirdest beers you might actually want to drink’ or the scientifically serious, “˜Has life been found in a meteorite?’ finds its place on this site. Many of the funnies are from mainstream news sources like NY Times, AP Wire, and BBC. Then you also have Photoshop files uploaded by community members which are part of its running contests. The site displays around 50 links a day. To see all the links submitted in real-time calls for a paid TotalFark membership.

The Smoking Gun

funny news articles

The Time Warner website features news snippets you may avoid if you see them in any other regular news publication. Most of what goes unreported in other news media, finds a place here. The site showcases publicly available legal documents, arrest records, and police mug shots got from government and law enforcement sources, via Freedom of Information requests.

Most of the news is out of the way but completely authentic according to the site. The site has even made a Time Waster game section out of mug shots, where you have to match the face to a crime. The news items or documents are arranged in categories and some of the “˜crimes’ aren’t funny but definitely are offbeat and bizarre.


funny news articles

It is tagged as a tech humor site but the collection of links on the site goes on to capture other interesting stuff too; though most of it is on the geekier side. The site also produces a variety of features like fake news stories poking fun at the tech and political worlds. All news items are linked to their original source. For example, you can check out the Android vs. iPhone war wallpaper or the infographic on how Star Wars changed the world.

The Daily Mash

5 Websites To Go To For Offbeat And Funny News Stories Satire News04

There’s something about British humor and this satirical news website pitches it just right. The site gives a new turn to national and international news with spoof stories, commentary and opinion. There’s even a line on the daily weather, along with a regular Agony Aunt column and polls. Whether it’s politics (Gaddafi welcomed by online forums) or sports (England made to give back Ashes), you can always start your day with this “˜newspaper’ instead of your regular one.


funny news stories

It went off the information highway for a brief spell but is now back on the funny track. It is one of the more popular news satire websites on the web and from its menu you can figure out that it takes a dig at just about everything from politics to sports, and even the arts. News items are mentioned as “˜briefs’.  So, expect to read about how heroic oil companies are offering to fly Libyan oil to safety or read about Oprah’s sister.

These five sites are just few of the “˜funny lands’ on the web. I haven’t highlighted the better known ones like Cracked and The Onion because I figure if you like satire and funny takes, you already might have them on your daily read list. If you don’t have them yet, then go ahead and check them out. You probably won’t come back. But if you do, then read through some of our previous posts which guarantee a few laughs at least.

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Which website is your source for a daily diet of laughter?

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