7 Funny Night Time Stories To Read To Kids

Kids love stories. Period. I am yet to meet a kid who does not listen to stories with rapt attention, forgetting everything else. Every good story leaves the audience craving for more. And what better than those fun filled stories that make the kids burst into peals of laughter while giving them invaluable nuggets of wisdom.

That’s the power of storytelling. Here’s a list of 7 funny night time stories that your kid will love and transform her into a cheerful little devil.

7 stories to tickle your funny bone
  • Foolish Lion and the Clever Rabbit – A famous Panchatantra story of a fearsome, merciless lion and a clever rabbit. The lion who killed animals for no reason is approached by all the animals of the jungle. They promise to send one animal to the lion, daily, to become lion’s meal. When the clever rabbit is told to go to the lion, he is determined to end the lion’s tyranny. Did the rabbit succeed? Find out in this funny story.
  • The Intelligent Merchant – Merchant’s are known to be intelligent and shrewd. And why shouldn’t they be when their livelihood depends on it. Sometimes literally. A short and witty tale about a merchant who was “punished” for speaking his mind when everyone else in the king’s court resorted to sycophancy. The king ordered the merchant to give up everything he owns except his weighing scale and prove that – A merchant can never go hungry at night as long as he possesses the weighing scale. Whether the merchant was able to prove it, remains to be seen.
  • The Musical Donkey – In the animal world, a donkey is always portrayed as someone lacking brains. Despite its hardworking nature, a donkey is always shown as doing jobs that do not require much brains. Now whether a donkey actually lacks brain can be debated but the motive behind the entire portrayal is to demonstrate that raw strength alone does not make anyone valuable. To be respected, one needs to have brains and be able to apply it, when needed. The Musical Donkey teaches that a person should always consider the consequences of their actions.
  • The Brahmin’s Dream – We are all dreamers in our unique ways. Dreaming is not bad. Infact, elders encourage us to dream because only when we dream, can we “act” towards achieving our dreams. Acting upon the dreams is very important. Day dreaming is never fruitful.

Can the Brahmin, dreaming of becoming very rich in life, realize his dreams while sleeping? A fun-filled story that makes for a very interesting read to a group of children.

  • The Mice That Ate Iron – It always amazes me how friendship can bring two people closer than the bond of blood. While we are related to scores of people by virtue of our birth, we are free to choose our friends. This freedom comes with a grave responsibility of choosing our friends carefully. It is said that a known enemy is less harmful than a false friend. This story teaches an important lesson in a funny tale.
  • The King and The Drum – The King had a funny secret and he kept it from everyone in the Kingdom, even his Queen. But the barber had to be let in on the secret under oath of secrecy. However, secrets can’t be kept long, as the King discovered soon enough. And his secret came out in the most hilarious way imaginable. Read this story to find out!
  • The Kettle Who Gave Birth – As kids we loved the antics of Nasreddin Hodja and his stories always brought us a hearty laugh. This is one of his best stories. We promise you will have the kids rolling on the floor in laughter as you tell them about the kettle who gave birth to a baby kettle.

Click on the link above and enjoy the stories.

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