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Clean jokes are yours for the taking. And how this came to be is to be explained herein.

The fact is this (and yes it is fact, not fiction): the honorable Joke Genie was stuck in a bottle for so many centuries. One day a loafer, a simple man by all accounts, was passing by the bottle. Due to being slightly inebriated, this man happened to inadvertently kick said bottle with enough force to blow the bottle’s cap plum off.

Suddenly a puff of white, smoggy smoke oozed out of the bottle’s opening. From this emerged the Joke Genie.

Needless to say the Joke Genie was beside himself with joy. The Joke Genie, after coughing out the dust that had accumulated over the centuries, offered the passerby 3 wishes, in an expression of his glee. The man, who by this time was in a state of utter shock, scurried off down the trail not believing in genies and wish fulfillment.

Well, the rule on this is that all refused wishes revert back to the genie. Yes, the Joke Genie was granted the 3 wishes.

Well, what do you think this fine genie wished for?

1. He wished for a cab to arrive so he could get to town.

2. He wished for a pad to live in, a place where a funny looking character would go unnoticed.

3. He wished for a clean jokes blog to come into being and the Joke Genie would be granted head honcho.

You might wonder: “Gee, if he is a genie who can grant wishes, how come he didn’t just pop his own cork all those years before?”

For the answer to this and other questions, and for clean jokes, bookmark this blog. All will be revealed in good time.

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