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What does this site offer me?

Welcome to the Joke Genie’s concoction. As you may have heard, the Joke Genie recently busted out of a bottle. Alluring? Hardly! It was a dark, cramped and dreary place. Don’t believe the folklore that suggests it’s a pleasant dwelling with satin sheets, lush pillows and satellite TV. Bologna! It was a dreadful place… and the tv? Only local stations! And those 1930s rabbit ear antennas! Get this… No A/C, either!

To bide his time while in that drab and skanky glass prism, the Joke Genie dreamed up a TON of jokes, funny sayings and pics. He accumulated quite a treasure chest of goodies. When he finally busted out, he whipped out his trusty, yet dusty, rolodex and hooked up with a few faithful cohorts from centuries past. The result was a golden stockpile of funny pictures, hilarious jokes and sayings.

Now, how he got out of that bottle… that shall remain a secret (at least for now!). To reveal the secret would mean that every Tom, Dick and Harry Genie would break out and run amok, watering down the Joke Genie’s intrigue…

There’d be a saturation of wish mongers. And then the “3 wish model” wouldn’t be worth the paper the folklore is printed on. And, poof, just like that, the allure of the Joke genie would be “86ed”, relegated to the inner recesses of the local library.

Funny Jokes Really Funny Pictures

You can find these entertaining gems throughout our site. It’s free. Please join us!

Can you recommend books related to funny jokes, etc.?

In a small word, no. Wow, that was easy. You do not need a book when you have me! I am a walking book. Though, since I am a genie, I do not walk much. I dangle on molecules of air.

Can you recommend a helpful tool?

A magical bottle or lamp and/or an illustrious genie.


Roboform fills in forms, instantly. It also stores login info, which you can easily access whenever you encounter an otherwise formidable form.

Download Roboform – Form Filler Get this form filler for FREE (this is NOT a demo or a trial but a complete software program). The download takes only 1 minute. Less, if you think positive throughts.

Once installed, when you encounter a form, just click a button and voila, the form will be filled in. This is a tiny tool that doesn’t eat up ram – it won’t bog your system down.

Are the 3 wishes GUARANTEED to come to fruition?

Probably, but only if you wish HARD ENOUGH… and then put in the time to make it happen! And stick to it. Test things out. Revamp things. Re-plan. Tinker. Adjust, etc. I must strenuously confess: The
Joke Genie needs your help to make the wishes come to pass!

Privacy issues

We respect your privacy. We do not share emails or information.

Privacy Policy.

What is the craziest question ever received?

This one! No. In actuality, no question is too crazy for the Joke Genie! So, have at it! Just keep it clean. 🙂

How do I contact you? What if I have more questions?

Uh, sorry, I must maintain my utter secrecy. Nah! Just kidding. See below.

Time for a nap.

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