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Daily Shouts

You’ll taste chicory, then turn to talk about it with Maura. But she’s gone. She’s been gone for a long time, and she’s not coming back.

By Jonathan Zeller

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Daily Shouts

Are We Growing Numb to the News?

Will a bulletin about the end of existence someday elicit little more than a yawn?

By Neil Dvorak

October 23, 2019Daily Shouts

My Ten-Year-Old Self Does Standup

You ever wonder why grandmas have the worst cookies? It’s, like, they’re not even cookies. Right? It’s, like, they’re little lessons.

By Emma Rathbone

October 23, 2019Daily Shouts

Life’s Greatest Hits on Vinyl

For some afternoon listening, give the hit album “The Neighbor Cussin’ at the News” a spin on the record player.

By Andy Babbitz

October 22, 2019Daily Shouts

Are You Experiencing Symptoms of Writer’s Block or N.B.A. Block?

This handy list should help clear that up.

By Ian Goldstein

October 22, 2019Daily Shouts

How to Choose a Writing Instrument and What It Says About You

If you use a red pen, you are either grading undergraduate papers or you are a sociopath.

By Dana Schwartz

October 21, 2019More Stories

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Daily Shouts

Portraits of Insomnia

Finally, I can relax and think of all the things that paralyze me with existential terror.

By Phoebe Helander

Daily Shouts

Dear Pepper: The Art of the Comeback

Advice for dealing with passive-aggressive comments.

By Liana Finck

Daily Shouts

What Your Followers Were Really Saying When They Liked Your Post

The hidden sentiments lurking just behind that double-tap.

By Tom Chitty and Irving Ruan

Daily Shouts

Furniture of Your Past, Present, and Future

This table, only a slight upgrade from your D.I.Y. model, comes with confusing instructions and still requires assembly.

By Jennifer Xiao


How to Write a New Yorker Cartoon Caption: The Try Guys Edition

The Try Guys, Internet sensations and the co-authors of “The Hidden Power of F*cking Up,” split up to take a stab at their biggest challenge yet, our cartoon-caption contest.

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