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The comic book series

  • The first words of the series:

    Hazel’s Narration: This is how an idea becomes real.

  • Issue #11, the first few pages we see Marko and Alana finish “being intimate.” Hazel’s snarky narration is just icing on the cake:Hazel:

    Yeah, yeah, so my mom and dad used to have sex. What, like your parents just


    you into existence?

    • There’s also Alana’s response to realizing that Marko finished inside her (Justified worries, given they’re both still fugitives at the time and all):

    Marko: Are you kidding? I thought you told me to finish inside you.

    Alana: That was Sexy Alana! She’s a crazy person! Sexy Alana is obsessed with her nipples and uses the word “dick” unironically! She’s not to be trusted!

  • The explicitly described Meet Cute between Alana and Marko, which is Alana hitting Marko around the head with the butt of her rifle, preceded by a spoof of Twilight and its fans involving her absurdly devoted reaction to a book about a rock monster who falls in love.
  • Izabel: The giant evil space fetus just shot black goo from its eyes!
    • Helped by Hazel’s narration talking about how dreams can come true. And Real Dreams Are Weirder.
  • When Marko suggests Barr as a name.

    Alana: Like a tavern? Like a soap?

    Marko: My father’s name is Barr.

    • The narration notes that she then began to pray that her child be a girl.
  • Izabel as a flaming gorilla chasing away a group of insane cultists while flipping them off and yelling “Yeah, that’s right! Flee in terror, bitches!”
  • The Stalk: Oh, fuck you, you self-righteous piece of… bald!
  • “What are they up to now? Is Alana…praying?” “No. No, she most certainly is not.”
  • Sophie, Gwen and The Brand find the male dragon they were looking for. It’s auto-fellating.

    Sophie: It’s a boy, all right.

    • Gwendolyn, who is wearing a very horrified expression on her face, covers Sophie’s eyes. As you can see from the quote above, it doesn’t work.
  • Alana and Marko’s plan to enter Landfall requires Robot IV to disguise himself as “Count Robot LX”. IV is not happy about dressing up as someone of lower nobility and looks absolutely nothing like him. note He does, thanks to Fiona Staples’ art styleRobot IV

    : That’s because you people are

    filthy racists

    who think every Robot looks the same!

    • It works.

    Robot IV:…fucking disgraceful.

    • There’s also Marko’s panicky refusal to hear how Alana aquired Robot LX’s pants.

    Alana: It’s way less exciting than he imagines.

  • “Welcome to Abortion Town!”


  • In the letter corner, after receiving numerous letters telling Vaughan how many people have named their daughter after Hazel, he answers the letter of a mother excited over the possibility of not being too many childrens named after her:
  • Fiona Staples sheds some light on the creative process◊, which, unsurprisingly, involves alcohol. For bonus points the donuts moon actually appears.
  • This comic actively tests your patience with reading it in public thanks to its many, many, many opening splash pages being Crosses the Line Twice or Refuge in Audacity.


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