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How do you know if what you’re reading is indeed a “great” short funny birthday poem? Think first, it depends on your sense of humor. It also depends on the funny bone of the birthday boy and girl who has a birthday today. So, I would say that it depends on like most decisions in life, striking a fine balance. If you need Short Funny Birthday Poems then your search ends here. We have a great collection of Short Funny Birthday Poems list. Find your choice now on our list.

Short Funny Birthday Poems

If you really want to know what makes poetry appropriately funny poems for someone’s special day of the year, be sure to follow our Short Funny Birthday Poems. Basically, some people have a different attraction to birthday wish. Someone give short quotes, wishes, birthday eCards and dedicated to song. So choice yours, we update daily in our webpage all kinds of birthday greetings for the special person.

The 15 Best Short Funny Birthday Poems for Special Person

But if you’re ready to make your choice, take a moment or two to look at the birthday poem on this page — we hope you’ll find a lot of BIG laughs and even BIGGER smiles here.

Funny Birthday Poems


I wonder why you are celebrating the fact that you’re turning older.
Nevertheless, I will attend your birthday party.Happy Birthday!


This is a very special day
Your friendship has filled my life far beyond what words can say
I give thanks to the Lord for sending you my way
That’s why we celebrate today
Happy Birthday!


Birthdays are good for you.Statistics show
that the people who have the most live the longest.


Happy Birthday, Mum
May all your wishes come true…
Except for the one about 15 grandchildren.


Tomorrow is still a mystery.
Yesterday is already history.
And today it is your BIRTHDAY!

Happy Birthday Poem with a short video #only for special person

Get Funny Birthday Wishes For Friends


Men are just like chocolates
Us girls know that is true
Found in bars they don’t last long
Enough to satisfy you
And on that thought
Happy Birthday


Inside every older person.
is a young person.
wondering what the hell happened !
Happy Birthday,


Happy Birthday Old Buddy
Are you like me a bit?
I let my mind wander, it didn’t come back…
But better over the hill…
than under it.
Jon Bratton c 2006


After 50, you’re a WOW
-a wiser older woman,
Aging isn’t about losing youth,
But gaining wisdom.


As you get older,
you gain knowledge,
tolerance and serenity
…then your teeth fall out.
Happy Birthday

Funny Birthday Poems

Long Funny Birthday Poems for Wishes


Just because you’re (30) (40) (50),
Don’t despair, oh no
Overnight you won’t discover
You’ve lost your get up and go.
Nor will you become all wrinkled,
Nor ache from head to toe.
So even though you’re ripening
Don’t regard it as a blow,
You won’t suddenly look decrepid ….
…Cos that happened long ago!!


Another candle on your cake?
Well, that’s no cause to pout.
Be glad that you have strength enough
To blow the damn thing out.
Gray hair is a glorious crown won by a righteous life.
If things get better with age, then you are approaching Magnificent.
You should really celebrate on your birthday.
Take TWO naps today.


On your birthday,
I pray that you will always
have laughter in your life.
I pray that I will often
have the privilege and joy
of seeing you smile.
I pray that you
will be easily amused
and find life funny
instead of crazy.
I pray that this birthday
finds you peaceful and happy.
In Jesus’ name I pray; amen.

-By Joanna Fuchs


It’s your birthday, so don’t feel down;
Don’t think bad stuff and frown;
Your life should be filled with mirth;
Just look what you’ve done since your birth.

You started out really small,
Now you’re really filled out and tall.
In the beginning, you would just cry,
Now you can laugh if you try.

You’ve done quite well since your start,
So as you grow older take heart;
Keep up the good work and don’t be a jerk;
Stay happy till you’re an old fart.

By Karl Fuchs


I’m old enough and therefore wise;
With age our brains grow bigger in size.
So I wish for you a long, long life,
So your brain can grow bigger and stop causing strife.

And although we often disagree,
There’s a strong hope that I can see,
For it’s birthday time; a year has passed;
Your brain is getting bigger fast.

Before too long, your bulb may light;
No longer will you want to fight,
Because when you have a brighter mind,
It will be easier for us to think in kind.

With each year you live your thinking grows stronger,
And that’s why I wish you’ll live a whole lot longer.

Happy Birthday!

By Karl Fuchs

Funny Birthday Poems & Emotions

Over the hill, short funny birthday poems are very popular for wishes, but this poems list is just the reverse. This long funny birthday poem is written for a mature person to give to someone a lot younger and short funny birthday poems only little friends, we hope that’s our poem create a good relationship with your friends and family. Hope our poem help you best wishes for a special person.


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