The 15 Funniest Websites for the Best Humor on the Web

Comedy is a diverse and varied genre; no two people have exactly the same tastes.

With the advent of the internet, however, that doesn’t matter. There really is something out there for everyone—from lowbrow to highbrow and from cheesy to cutting satire.

Let’s start the laugh meter with the funniest websites on the web.


Engrish: Funny website

It seems somehow appropriate to kick off this list with It’s a website that specializes in pictures of English-language mishaps, often in foreign lands.

Let’s be clear, there is absolutely no shame in making errors when English is not your mother tongue 5 Free Apps and Sites to Learn English, Speak It, or Improve Vocabulary 5 Free Apps and Sites to Learn English, Speak It, or Improve Vocabulary These five sites and apps are new and will show you a few fun ways to learn the English language and improve your vocabulary. Read More , but this site typically focuses errors committed by businesses—and there really is no excuse for them.

2. Funny or Die

Funny or Die’s bread and butter are viral videos, but it mixes them in with a healthy dose of original content from comedians as well. Will Ferrell, Adam McKay, and Chris Henchy launched the site, and it has since received lots of Silicon Valley backing.

Once you’ve registered you can vote on whether a video is funny or deserves to “die”, hence the name.

3. The Onion

If satire is more to your liking Faux News: 10 Best Websites for Fake News & Satire Faux News: 10 Best Websites for Fake News & Satire Read More , you’ll certainly have heard about The Onion.

The site, which is operated out of Chicago, uses current events to create spoof stories Faking It: 8 Of The Best Spoof News Websites Faking It: 8 Of The Best Spoof News Websites Keeping up with the news of the day, whether it be local, national, or international, is important. It’s never good to bury your head in the sand, unaware of what is happening around you. However,… Read More , editorials, op-ed pieces, and interviews. Comedian and actor Bob Odenkirk has gone on record as saying “[The Onion] is the best comedy writing in the country, and it has been since it started.”

4. Overheard in New York

Overheard in New York lets residents of the city submit snippets of conversations they hear while going about their daily lives in the Big Apple.

It has become so popular that a number of sister sites have been spawned (such as Overheard in the Office and Overheard at the Beach) and a book of the most popular quotes has been published.

5. Pictures of Walls

Granted, “Pictures of Walls” doesn’t look like the most inspiring title for a humorous page, but it’s actually a great site.

It’s packed with pictures of funny messages that people have graffitied on walls, buildings, and other objects. Sometimes they are standalone phrases, sometimes they edit a sign or an advert.

6. CollegeHumor

CollegeHumor has become one of the most well-known comedy sites on the web. The site went live in 2000 and features an original series of pranks, mini-series, sketches, and animations.

It was originally aimed at the college-aged demographic, and while that is still arguably its core purpose, it now has something to suit most tastes.

Its success led to an MTV series in 2008 called The College Humor Show. Sadly, it went off the air after just one season.

7. The Oatmeal

Branded as “comics, quizzes, and stories”, The Oatmeal’s biggest draw are the cartoons that are crafted by its founder, Matthew Inman. The content itself is varied, covering everything from the English language to computer usage.

Every single one of the works on the site requires a lot of dedication; in an interview with the Los Angeles Times in 2010, Inman said each image took him around eight hours to produce.

8. Awkward Family Photos

Most family homes have at least one picture on the wall that makes you shudder each time you see it.

This website collates all those images into one place; from painstakingly recreated family portraits to perfectly-timed snapshots, you can finally feel safe in the knowledge that you’re not the only one who has a shoebox full of embarrassing photos.

9. 9GAG

If you want GIFs and memes GIFs, The Language Of The Web: Their History, Culture, and Future GIFs, The Language Of The Web: Their History, Culture, and Future Everything you ever wanted to know about the history of GIFs, how they’ve evolved, and their cultural impact and significance. Read More , 9GAG needs to be your first port of call.

Its upvote/downvote system means you’ll find new content each time you visit, and the frequently-updated “Featured” section typically focuses on what’s hot in the media at any given time.

The site has also launched mobile apps on both iOS and Android, and now boasts a thriving Reddit-esque community.

10. is a massive repository of one-liners which will be sure to make you laugh and groan in equal measure.

The funnies are organized by category and sub-category, with everything from the police to animals getting their own section.

11. Dilbert

If you want comic strips that are based in reality, look no further than Dilbert. It was first launched in 1989 and is now published in many national newspapers and magazines.

The comics follow Dilbert—the strip’s main character—through the mundanity of modern office life.

12. Epic Fail

Rich people crashing expensive supercars, skateboarders doing stupid things, and people walking into glass doors. We all know what’s coming with fail videos, but they never cease to be hilarious.

There are lots of them on YouTube, but arguably the best dedicated website is The creators upload tons of new stuff every day. It features both videos and pictures.

13. xkcd

Another geek favorite, xkcd is a webcomic which typically uses science, mathematics, and computers as its subject matter. People are represented as stickmen.

It is the work of Randall Munroe, who uploaded the first batch of 13 sketches were posted way back in 2005. The site has led to three spin-off books.

14. Cheezburger

Cheezburger is a mix of funny videos, images, memes, and other easily digestible content. It has been online since 2007, growing to become one of the internet’s most popular sites with millions of hits per day.

At one point, the site became so popular that it spun off into a reality TV show on Bravo. It followed the site’s staff as they created new posts.

15. People of Walmart

Who knew that photos of people shopping at Walmart could be so hilarious?! The site is a seemingly endless catalog of people doing silly things, dressing in a peculiar way, or otherwise acting odd.

You can even submit your own photos if you spot something worthy during one of your visits to the supermarket chain.

The Funniest Websites You Have Come Across?

We are well aware that we’ve only scratched the surface in this article. There are thousands of sites out there, all of which want to make you laugh. Many of them lie undiscovered in the little nooks of the web. Let us know your suggestions in the comments.

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