These 15 Enjoyable Funny News Websites Could Save Your Day

It’s important to stay up-to-date on the news, but with so many depressing headlines

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These fifteen websites offer funny political news and commentary, satirized reporting, and offbeat news stories

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We’ve tried to compile a broad selection of options here – some are intended to create thought-provoking discussions, while others just give you the chance to see what the funny pandas of the world have been up to lately.

Whether you check these websites like a morning paper, add them to your RSS feed

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Hopefully, they will brighten your day with a chuckle when you need it the most and help you to stay aware of at least some of the news stories happening in the world.

I do want to issue a disclaimer before the list begins – many of the websites listed below feature comments that may not be your cup of tea, or headlines that might not be work appropriate! Satire’s intent is generally to spark a discussion, but do proceed cautiously through these websites if you are easily offended by language or content.

The Classics

If you don’t know these websites, then I am honored to be the one who gets to introduce you to them for the first time. That being said, if you enjoy satire, you’ve probably been following these websites (or their Facebook posts) for a long time.

1. The Onion


The Onion is the biggest satire website on the Internet right now, and chances are you’ve seen more than one of your Facebook friends read an Onion article fully believing that its headline is true.  The Onion offers a huge range of headlines in a variety of categories (including a special section dedicated to the U.S. Election) and its subtle hilarity is second to none.

Sample headline: “Nation Was Kind of Hoping for Different Outcome When Concerned Citizens Came Together to Make Voices Heard”

2. Cracked


Cracked is more of a general humor site than a funny news source, but many of its articles are relevant to current events or provide insight into an area you may be interested in (such as technology, history, or entertainment). In any case, Cracked is too popular not to be mentioned in a list like this and it will definitely provide you with a laugh or two!

Sample headline: “5 Highly Anticipated Pop Culture Moments of 2016 (Will Suck)”

3. Snopes


I can’t in good conscience continue with the rest of this list until I include Snopes. Again, Snopes isn’t truly a satire news source, but it is the best way to check and see if an article making the rounds online is truthful or not. Snopes can, however, lead you to the satire articles that inspire outrage on social media, and honestly, seeing the kind of articles that have to be debunked because people believe them is basically satire in itself.

Sample headline: “Waxing Empirical: Wax on apples is not a little-known secret uncovered by a YouTube user”

Smaller Satire Sites

4. The Borowitz Report


The Borowitz Report, which has been written by Andy Borowitz since 1998, is a satirical component of The New Yorker that offers a different perspective on political happenings in the United States. There may be less of these articles than on larger sites, but the quality is consistent and Borowitz’s insights are hilarious.

Sample headline: “Clinton Campaign Accuses Sanders of Trying to Win Nomination”

5. SportsPickle


SportsPickle is a humor news website dedicated entirely to the world of sports, featuring fake news articles and “Honest Headlines” about draft previous. The website has sections dedicated to football, baseball, and hockey, but other sports are also frequently highlighted through satire and spoofs.

Sample headline: Peyton Manning’s Ripped Wife Expected to Compete for Broncos Starting QB Job in 2016

6. Fark


Fark is a little different than the rest of the websites featured on this list because it highlights user-submitted headlines for real news stories happening around the world. Users submit a local news story, add a custom headline highlighting the bizarre event being described, and then other Fark users can comment on the article. The worst thing about Fark is the fact that most of the submitted headlines and news stories really seem like they should be satire!

Sample headline: Power goes out while a high school orchestra was performing for State assessments. Since this is Florida, you know it quickly devolved into a chaotic scene of thrown instruments, screaming, swearing, crying, public nudity, alligators, and debauchery

7. SatireWire [No Longer Available]


SatireWire is a website created by Andy Marlatt, a television comedy writer, and has received several high accolades from print sources like the USA Today, the L.A. Times, and the Calgary Herald. This site isn’t updated as frequently as others on the list, but all of the articles are worth the wait and the consistent tone of the articles makes for enjoyable reading.


8. Natural Newd


Natural Newd focuses entirely on satirical health reports featuring current health fads or diet trends. The website features text articles, videos, and images while targeting society’s obsession with finding danger in innocuous foods or embracing weird fitness habits (while also taking a couple shots at hipsters and vegans along the way).

Sample headline: “Scientists cross celery with cabbage and quinoa to create world’s least interesting health food”


If what you’re looking for is a replacement for watching news instead of reading the newspaper, these comedic (but insightful) video commentaries may be more your style.

9. Last Week Tonight

Last Week Tonight is hosted by John Oliver and generally focuses on one large cultural phenomenon or news story that has happened over the last week. John Oliver mixes comedy with research to articulate important points about the news story in a humorous and often-sarcastic way, which gives you some intelligent insight into at least one current event per week.


Outside the United States

Many of the sites included on this list are based in the United States (even if they include a ‘World News’ section). Full disclosure, this part of the list only includes ‘International’ news satire websites from Canada and the U.K. – but I’d love to hear about any similar sites from other countries or in other languages in the comment section!

11. The Syrup Trap


I mean, even the real news stories coming “oot” of Canada do seem a little hard to believe, so satirizing Canadian news maybe isn’t the most difficult task in the world. That being said, as a Canadian, I can honestly say that The Syrup Trap’s articles are the best part of my Facebook feed and never fail to make me chuckle.

Sample headline: “Adorable panda bears can’t stop watching YouTube clips of Justin Trudeau”

12. The Beaverton


The Beaverton is another Canadian satirical news site that tends to be more political and subtle than The Syrup Trap. This site does veer into American topics as well, but tends to focus primarily on topics of interest in Canada – and also offers pretty hysterical reviews of most of Canada’s universities.

Sample headline: “Government to release next census as a Buzzfeed quiz”

13. The Daily Squib


The Daily Squib offers political satire on world news, technology, business, sports, and health. The website doesn’t shy away from commentary on controversial topics, but many articles veer towards the ridiculous as well.

Sample headline: “Sarcophagus Found in A&E Could Go to British Museum”

14. The Daily Mash


Another UK-centric site that offers a lot of commentary on current happenings but also ridiculous articles about commonplace events and Internet fads that can easily be shared across borders.

Sample headline: “If there was one ‘weird trick’ to weight loss we would tell you, confirm doctors”

15. The Poke


The Poke divides its content between satirical U.K. commentary and more traditional Internet humor – such as cat videos and stock photo compilations.

Sample headline: “These middle class chat-up lines are perfect for meeting someone in Waitrose”

What’s Your Favorite Website for Funny News Stories?

I know that this is far from an exhaustive list of all the great satirical news websites out there, so please let me know about your favorites in the comments!

Which site has a permanent place in your bookmarks? Which is the one site you discovered just recently?

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